No force in the world can take away Kashmir & Arunachal from India: Rajnath


Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said that Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh are an integral part of the India, adding that he may have acceptance for many things but would not tolerate pro-Pakistan slogans on Indian soil.

“The Prime Minister went to China and told their Prime Minister that Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir are an integral part of India, and they do not have any claim over these areas. Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir were a part of India, are a part of India and will remain a part of India – no force in the world can take them away from us,” Rajnath Singh said at a rally in Jodhpur.

“As I said in Jammu and Kashmir, I can tolerate anything but the one thing I cannot tolerate is cries of ‘Pakistan zindabad’ on Indian soil. The place for such people should not be their houses, but government jails,” he added.

Pakistani flags were unfurled during separatist SAS Geelani’s rally few days back in Kashmir valley

The Home Minister’s statement comes after various separatist organisations in Jammu and Kashmir unfurled the Pakistani flag on different occasions at various public meetings over the past few weeks.