Nirbhaya’s mother thanks ‘guardian angel’ Rahul Gandhi for son’s success


The mother of 2012 gangrape victim has revealed how the Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi, was her son’s guardian angel.

Asha Devi has thanked Rahul for his effort after the stress and heartbreak of the last five years threatened to consume them.

She told Mail Today, “Aman (name changed) is a pilot now because of Rahul Gandhi,”

Post his sister’s tragic death, Aman, who was in Class 12, was pushed in a state of depression.

‘Rahul Gandhi was the one who counselled him and motivated him to achieve something good in life to support the family. After learning that he wanted to join the defence forces, Rahul asked him to pursue a pilot’s training course after completion of school,’ Asha said.

She added, “While shifting to Rae Bareli, Aman made up his mind that he will prepare for the Indian Army’s recruitment examination. But after joining the course, he found it difficult. He never got time to pursue parallel studies.”

Asha said that when he was studying, Rahul used to ‘talk to him over the phone and taught him to adopt a ‘never quit’ attitude.’

“Even after he completed his studies, he called him to find out about his training-cum-job,” she added.

The news prompted social media users to hail Rahul for not seeking any political advantage from what was an extraordinary piece of kind gesture.

Here’s how they reacted on Facebook;

User Bosco Naveen wrote, “This guy may pleasantly surprise an entire nation. There’s a little bit of “Good” in all of us If this is wat is called a “Pappu” then yes, we need more Pappus!”

Abhishek Kumar wrote on Facebook, “People/Blind bhakts mock him, make fun and jokes on him but he does good for society without much noise. Hats off to RaGa for such a nice gesture and support to Nirbhaya family.”

Geogi Zachariah wrote, “Do I want him as the Prime Minister ?? Well I was against that Idea initially , then I was not sure . I am increasingly getting convinced, that one who builds people is more qualified than anything else to build a nation. The rest are peripheral issues.”
Journalist Bobby Naqvi wrote, “This is better than wrestling with a crocodile.”

Mohammad Arif Khan wrote, “Well done Rahul Gandhi .. There were those who politicized the issue for votes, But you proved that you are the real hero.”