Nipah virus victim Lini’s last words leave you heart-broken, 2-year-old son keeps asking for his mother


Nipah virus recently wreaked havoc in Kerala claiming 16 lives. Its victims also included 31-year-old Lini Puthussery, who couldn’t see her family one last time. She had to be cremated in a haste on Monday to sure that the infection could not spread.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that Lini’s “selfless service will be remembered” since the nurse had contracted the virus while treating patients at her hospital. Lini took care of three patients suffering from Nipah Virus on Thursday evening. By Friday morning, she had developed fever and was rushed to the medical college hospital, reported Manorama.

She spoke to her husband Sajeesh, who works in Gulf, and informed that she was sick. Her husband flew immediately and met his wife at the isolated ICU before she died. Meanwhile, Lini had also managed to scribble down her last few words for her husband. Her last few words written for her husband have now gone viral.

The note read, “Sajeeshetta, am almost on the way. I don’t think I will be able to see you again. Sorry. Please take care of our children. Poor Kunju (term of endearment for their son), please take him to the Gulf with you. Don’t leave them and go like (my) father did. Please. With lots of love. Kisses.”

Lini had reportedly contracted Nipah virus while coming in contact with Mohammad Sabith, believed to be the first victim of the Nipah virus outbreak in northern Kerala. “She was very sad to hear about his death because she had taken complete care of him. She did more than what a duty nurse usually does for a patient. But even at that time, she did not know that he had a viral infection,” her husband Sajish was quoted by Indian Express.

Lini’s death has adversely impacted the mental balance of her mother, who lost her husband few years ago. Lini is survived by two young sons 5-year-old Rithul and 2-year-old Siddharth. Sajish said that the two children didn’t quite know the gravity of their loss. He told Indian Indian Express, “I told my elder son that she is not coming back and that I’m all he has. He said okay, but…I am not sure he understood what I meant.” His younger son, meanwhile, keeps asking for his mother, especially at nights. “I don’t know what to say,” he added.