New curfew rule for girl students anger Jamia students, call it sexist


New rules issued by Jamia Millia Islamia for its female resident students have evoked angry reactions with university authorities being accusing of being ‘sexist.’

According to new rules, the girl students staying in university hostels have now been told they can’t be out after 8 pm adding that the new rule is being introduced ‘in their best interests.’

The new rules bar female residents of Jamia hostels from seeking permission for late night outs.

A university notice said, “Residents of the Hall of Girls are informed that no late night is allowed any more. You are, therefore, required to follow the norms, in your own best interests.”

Justifying the new rule, the Public Relations Officer, Mukesh Ranjan said that the new rules were introduced because of security concerns of female students living in university hostels.

He said, “This measure has been put in place keeping in mind security and safety concerns, especially with the nature of crimes that take place in the city. There is also the issue of attendance and fixed meal timings. With students reaching the hostel late, attendance cannot be taken at a fixed time. So a committee, which had been formed to look into this issue, came up with this measure. However, this does not mean that women students cannot be out with parents or their local guardian. The university can relax these rules on a case-to-case basis and in case there is an emergency.”

Students have slammed the new rules calling them sexist as they don’t apply to male students.

One student quoted by Indian Express said, ” All of us are adults. How can the university control our lives and tell us where to go and when to go because we are staying in the Jamia hostel? It is extremely humiliating. It seems that the university does not believe that I can take responsibility for myself.”

Other female students too agreed accusing the university authorities of adopting different rules for boys and different for girls.