Neeru Randhawa lays down conditions for withdrawing case against Armaan Kohli


There may be good news actor Armaan Kohli as his live-in partner Neeru Randhawa has spoken about the possibility of withdrawing the case of assault against him if he agreed to honour her condition.

Photo: India Today

Randhawa, who had sustained injuries after Armaan allegedly physically assaulted her, had filed a case against him. This led to the actor’s arrest by the Mumbai Police on Tuesday. However, Randhawa has now told an entertainment website that she may consider withdrawing the case of physical assault against him if he promised to never harass her.

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“If and only if Armaan gives me an apology and says to the law that he will never harass me ever. He is capable of harassing people, and so I dread that side of his. And there is one more reason why I will take my case back then,” Randhawa was quoted by

Another reason why the fashion stylist will take the case back is her British nationality. Randhawa said that she planned to return back to London and settle there adding that continuing with the case may pose her a great deal inconvenience on travel front.

She told the website, “See I have a British passport. It is possible that I go to the UK and not settle in India. If I persist with the case,I may be asked to come to Mumbai many times. Will that jhanjhat be worth for a man like Armaan? It just might be a sensible decision to forget his existence in my life as a bad dream. May not be easy to put the trauma and physical assault behind me completely, but at least I will try. I am a positive person in life,so why not give it a shot?”

Mumbai Police on Tuesday had arrested Armaan for alleged assault on his live-in partner of three years Neeru Randhawa. This was after a case was registered at Santacruz Police Station against Kohli for allegedly hitting his girlfriend and live-in partner Neeru Randhawa, who is a known fashion stylist.

Randhawa, who accused the actor of assault, had reportedly suffered head injuries leading to her hospitalisation in Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital.

“I manage Armaan’s villa in Goa, which is often rented out, and had made a booking for a client. However, the client had made the payment to the villa staff and when Armaan asked me about the money, I told him that I will ask the staff to transfer it. Suddenly, he started verbally abusing me. Before I realised what was happening, he caught me by my hair and banged my head against the floor. I begged him to allow me to go to the hospital, promising that I wouldn’t approach the police. The wound was so deep that I had to undergo a surgery. The doctor told me that the scar would be visible even after the surgery, as the assault has damaged my skin tissues,” a Bombay Times report had quoted Neeru as saying.

Randhawa said that she saw Armaan’s father Rajkumar Kohli, ;producer of Nagin and Jaani Dushman, at the police station and he looked incredibly stressed out because of his son’s arrest.


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