‘Naach le’ and ‘chhedan bhai’ jibes for Chetan Bhagat amidst odd-even number debate


Delhi government’s proposal to introduce odd and even number vehicles from 1 January has created a heated debate with opposition parties particularly the BJP slamming the idea.

And when the BJP has opposed the idea, how can the party’s known cheer-leader and writer Chetan Bhagat be left behind. Soon, the social media users saw a flurry of tweets from the writer, who minced no words in sledging the idea without providing any alternative solution to curb air pollution, which has become a menace in Delhi.

Such is the gravity of the rising air pollution that Delhi High Court on Thursday likened the situation to ‘living in a gas chamber.’

But Bhagat felt that ‘halving the traffic’ off the road will have adverse consequences on economic growth and job prospects.

He tweeted;

And he didn’t stop here. Calling the Delhi government’s idea ‘draconian, undemocratic, not implementable, not a real solution, bizarre.’ he said that ‘odd even cars kind of posturing politics should be avoided.’

He followed it up with series of tweets;

Bhagat then posted this tweet posing a question while comparing the capital under AAP government as la la land.

As is often the case with Bhagat, who’s known for getting his facts horribly wrong while tweeting on matters he’s accused of not possessing any knowledge at all, his tweet above once again smacked of his ignorance. AAP’s Ankit Lal clarified that Odd-Even formula ‘applies from 5am till 11pm. Not in night. The idea is to promote people to use car pooling.’

Responding to one of Bhagat’s tweets, senior AAP leader and poet, Kumar Vishwas posted this tweet, which simply read ‘aaja nachle nyayadheesh (Let’s got for a dance Mr Judge).” Thhis jibe was in reference to Bhagat’s appearance on a TV dance reality show as a judge.

Bhagat reacted angrily and called Vishwas’ tweet ‘unclassy’ from  ‘elected lawmakers’ except that the maverick AAP politician has not been elected to any House.

And, as expected, seldom do AAP supporters spare Bhagat for his attack on Kejriwal. Dilip Pandey, senior AAP leader, called him ‘Chhedan (one with too many holes) bhai’ mocking his knowledge on environment and pollution. Pandey called it a ‘height of stupidity.’

His tweet read;

Other AAP leaders too didn’t appear any less kind to the writer. Ashutosh said Bhagat was only seeking some ‘cheap publicity.’

If Ashutosh’s allegations is right, it’s highly unlikely that Bhagat will stop here because he hasn’t trended on twitter yet. And in social media age, for any publicity seeking individual, the real achievement will only come after they have trended on twitter.

Here are few other tweets where the social media media users have mocked Bhagat



This is not the first time when users mocked Chetan Bhagat on social media. He’s always become a subject of social media ridicule everytime he’s commented on subject matters, he knows nothing about.

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