(Must watch Video) Nation of outrage and your knowledge about fundamental rights and duties


We Indians are one of the most politically aware and opinionated people in the world. So opinionated that we are known to have views on almost everything even when we don’t necessarily possess the required expertise on the subjects in question.

Lately, India has also become a nation of outrage. We just love to express our outrage on anything and everything, sometimes we outrage against the outrage!

Then, there has been a race of proving our patriotism. The right-wing groups spend little opportunity in labelling people with differing views as anti-narionals.

Keeping these factors in mind, we decided to test people’s basic knowledge on fundamental rights and duties as Indian citizens.

Team of Lex Do It group went on the streets and asked young educated Indians if they knew the difference between fundamental rights and duties. The response was frighteningly awful.

Watch the video yourself!

Have a look: