Must Read: A police officer son’s vote meant his BJP candidate mother lost by 1 vote


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been accused by many groups of not delivering his key poll promises made during the Lok Sabha elections. This may welol have been one of the many reasons for his party’s rout in the just concluded Bihar elections.

But, what many may not be aware that a police officer from Kerala is convinced that Modi’s poll promises were just to win elections and voters were duped into voting for the BJP on the pretext of ‘fake’ development agenda.

The conviction of Rajesh Kumar – a civil police officer- led to led to the defeat of his mother, a BJP candidate, in the recently concluded Kerala local elections by a single vote.

It was his postal ballot that ensured his mother’s defeat by just one vote.

Rajesh took to Facebook to explain the rationale behind voting against his mother.  His Facebook post has now gone viral.

Criticising Modi’s Gujarat, one according to him was always ‘hidden behind the flashy PR campaigns’ Kumar says how the state was stranded on the 28th position on the educational index nationally during 15 years of Modi at the helm.  He then reminds people that in rural Gujarat 70 per cent villagers defecated in the open adding hat no Gujarati city found a place among the top 50 clean cities of India.

Here’s the excerpt of his subsequent Facebook post.

“Still people who sold us fake stories of development and scared us with the humiliation of being uncouth, captured Delhi.

Once they have vanquished all the minorities and attained utmost power, what will be or who will be the next target of this sword?

The love I have for my mother is not above the duty I have towards my nation. I am proud that I didn’t let that love be a hurdle in my path of doing my duty. As my mother, who helped me memorize and make the national pledge a part of my life, forgot it herself, Let this act of mine be an example which will remind it to all of us. 

Today not just Hindus but Patels, Marathis, Gurkhas and Bodos are claiming that they have woken up from an untold slumber. Is it time that we break the country into pieces and let it be run over by various millitia  of the Ram Sena, Hindu Sena, Hanuman Sena kind.

Dear friends we are not a generation of clueless and thoughtless people. In a bid to teach people the value of peace, Japan bore the brunt of an atom bomb. Just like that, it’s our duty to strive for a better India for our future generations. One that is secular and does not discriminate on the the basis of gender and sexual choices.

Our’s is a generation blessed with the chance to strive and suffer to save our country from the growing intolerance and terror. And we will not fail in our duty. Jai Hind!”

He ends the post with the vote count in his constituency where his mother lost – just by 1 vote!

You can read his post here in Malayalam