Mumbai’s rich ticket-less passenger refuses to pay fine, says ‘arrest Mallya first’


A Mumbai resident recently refused to pay fines while travelling ticketless on a local train spending 12 hours arguing with RPF demanding that dues from Mallya be recovered first.

She was produced before magistrate court on Tuesday.

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Premlata Bhansali, who lives in posh neighbourhood in a flat worth Rs 5-7 crore, was travelling back home on Sunday when a lady ticket checker asked her for her ticket.

She had not purchased Rs 10 ticket and was asked to pay a fine of Rs 260 fine for travelling without ticket.

The 44-year-old housewife refused to pay the fine and instead demanded to see the station master.

Once inside the station master’s office, as reported by Mumbai Mirror, Premlata reminded them how the liquor tycoon had fled the country even though he owed banks Rs 9,000 crore.

She kept saying that authorities could not recover any money from Mallya but were keen on fining her for not buying a ticket worth Rs 10.

Premlata, spent 12 hours arguing with the officials and dared them to either send her to jail, where she could protest like produce her before magistrate, who where she was determined to present her forcefully.

Woman constables of Government Railway Police made desperate attempts to counsel her, but to no avail. They called her husband with a hope to persuade her but even that was a futile effort as she ordered her husband to go back home because she was ‘capable of taking care of’ herself.

Senior Divisional Security Commissioner, Anand Vijay Jha told Mumbai Mirror, “She was not willing to give her family’s contact details and asked to be sent to jail. She kept referring to Vijay Mallya’s escape from the country and asked us to produce her before the magistrate.”

Premlata could not be produced before a magistrate on Sunday. However, her case was expected to be heard on Tuesday at the magistrate’s court in Mumbai Central. “I will talk in front of the magistrate. I will tell the court how they behaved with me,” she told the paper.


  1. Good people like Premlatha should react like this. Why authorities cunningly left Vijay Malya to leave the country. All people should react like this. One who take the loan from the banks shouldn’t pay the balance. the bank managers take money from Mallya and left him to leave the country. Govt is also involved in it. Now they are taking the common men to fined.


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