Modi embarrassed after Bejan Daruwalla’s huge revelation


Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla on Saturday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had shown him his palm, and his reading showed that the leader possessed great strength.

Daruwalla, who was on a private visit, told reporters that though Modi, who didn’t have lines but mounts on his hand — which explained his strength — had power personally but his Bharatiya Janata Party was weak, which would lead to problems for him in the coming time.

He said Modi, in comparison to previous prime ministers, had a more influential personality.

Daruwalla, however, did not disclose when and where he had read Modi’s hand.

It’s not known when Daruwalla had met the prime minister but it appears to Modi had become prime minister.

His revelation has come hours after Modi took a dig at his rival Nitish Kumar for visiting tantrik (soothsayer). has not been able to verify Daruwalla’s claims but he has given a new fodder to Modi’s rivals to launch fresh attacks against him.

The last phase of Bihar elections are scheduled to be held later this week with the counting expected to start on 8 November.