Now BJP MP accuses central government for working for Reliance


BJP MP from Bihar’s Begusarai on Monday accused his own government of working for Reliance Industries.

According to BBC, while speaking in Lok Sabha, the outspoken BJP MP said, “The parliament has been a witness for many years that the government’s policy for Reliance never changed. This government’s policy for Reliance is same as the previous one’s.”

The Centre’s BJP government has often received flak for allegedly being soft on corporates particularly towards Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance and Gautam Adani owned Adani group of companies.

This is the first time a member of the ruling party has targetted the central government for its perceived cosy relationship with Reliance.

Last time Bhola Singh was in news was in the aftermath of BJP’s defeat in Bihar elections, when he blamed the unparliamentary language used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the saffron party’s defeat in the election.