Mizoram BJP leaders embarrass Amit Shah, form rare alliance with Congress despite congratulatory tweet


In a rare show of unity, the newly elected local body representatives from the Congress and the BJP in Mizoram’s Chakma tribal council came together to form a unique alliance.

The Congress had won just six out of 20 seats, while the BJP candidates won five. The MNF, which was a part of the BJP-led North East Democratic Alliance, bagged eight seats. Confident about MNF-BJP coalition securing the majority, BJP President Amit Shah wasted no time in posting the congratulatory tweet while crediting Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the victory.

His tweet said, “Congratulations to @BJP4Mizoram and MNF for majority in Chakma autonomous district council elections. BJP-MNF between them have won 13 out of 20 seats. This has been possible because of PM @narendramodi’s focus on the North East. It also marks beginning of BJP’s rise in Mizoram.”

Moments later, the local leaders of the BJP decided to dump their alliance partner, the MNF, and formed an unlikely alliance with their arch-rival Congress in an open defiance to Amit Shah’s instructions. As part of the deal, the BJP has secured the chairman’s post, while the deputy chair’s post has gone to the Congress.

The decision has left the top BJP leadership shocked. One BJP leader in Delhi said that they simply ‘could believe’ that the local party leaders would defy Amit Shah’s instructions.

Mizoram is the last remaining north-eastern state, where the Congress is still in power. The BJP had recently formed governments in Tripura on its own, while it joined the coalition in Meghalaya and Nagaland.