Contractors who don’t pay minimum wages will be blacklisted: Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday said that the contractors, who did not pay minimum wages to workers will be blacklisted by the government.

He said, ” Delhi cabinet decides to revise minimum wages in Delhi. Head of Departments must ensure that workers get minimum wages. Contractors, who don’t pay minimum wages will be blacklisted.”

Kejriwal also tweeted about his cabinet taking ‘important decisions’ on women safety.

His tweet read, “Cabinet took two important decisions for women safety. PWD should lit(sic) up all dark sports in Delhi and bring a proposal soon to put CCTV cameras all over Delhi.”

Providing safety to women in Delhi was Aaam Aadmi Party’s one of the key poll promises. Kejriwal had promised to install tens of thousands of CCTV cameras across the capital once he came to power.

However, the party says that their ability to deliver that poll promise has been considerably restricted by the resistence from the Delhi police, which reports to the central government through Lieutenant Governor.