Microsoft to send shock alerts through your clothes


Are you annoyed or embarrassed by the constant notifications for messages, calendar events or chats on your phone? There could be a better solution than turning your phone off or keeping it on silent mode.

Microsoft has patented technology that will make clothes discreetly send a mild tingle to the wearers’ body whenever there is a new notification on his/her phone.

The patent was first filed in February 2014 and has been published on August 20, 2015

In an effort to address concerns of safety and etiquette, Microsoft sees this patent application as a step in the direction of hands free device usage.

The technology could also be used to tell the wearer if the clothes are about to wear out. It may also be used to give directions to a particular location. The items of clothing that could be used in this technology would include a T-shirt or even a shoe.

Like most patents, it is not guaranteed that the technology may ever go into production.