Major update in WhatsApp’s ‘delete all’ feature for delivered messages


The insta messaging social media platform WhatsApp is set to roll out a major new refresh in its recently introduced feature, allowing senders and recipients to be able to delete already sent messages.

According to WeBetaInfo, a fan site specialising in testing new WhatsApp features, the Facebook-owned platform was set to add what’s known as the ‘Recipient limit’ on already delivered messages. It said, “WhatsApp has updated the “Recipient limit”. What does it mean? If you delete a message for everyone, but the recipient won’t receive the revoke request within 13h, 8m, 16s (maybe because the phone was off), the message will **not** be revoked.”

It further added, “This is a protection against modded users that revoked messages sent weeks, months and years ago. You can still delete a message for everyone within 1h, 8m, 16s as long as the recipient will receive your revoke request within 13h, 8m, 16s.”

WhatsApp had introduced “Delete For All’ feature last year allowing users to delete a sent message within seven minutes. It later advanced the time limit to 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds.

The new update is being rolled out understandably to prevent WhatsApp users from deleting older delivered messages that they could do by tinkering with mobile system settings.

The new update also comes amidst WhatsApp developers working on adding Sticker support to the app. Although there is no deadline as to when the new update will be rolled out, but experts say that the new feature could become a reality within weeks.