Maharashtra farmers’ protest propelled by urban Maoists: BJP MP Poonam Mahajan


BJP MP Poonam Mahajan on Monday said that Maharashtra farmers’ protest was being propelled by ‘urban Maoists.’

She told News18, “Sadly in Maharashtra, tribals have been captured by urban Maoism and the centre of that is in Pune.”

When asked if she wished to clarify her statement to avoid its misinterpretation, she defended her remarks saying that there was nothing to be misinterpreted in what she was saying. Mahajan referred to the red flags being held by the protesting farmers as an evidence to justify her allegations.

Nearly 50, 000 farmers travelled a distance of over 180 kms in Maharashtra on Sunday when they reached Mumbai from Nashik. They are scheduled to protest outside the Maharashtra assembly today. Such was their determination that many of them even walked with bare and blistered feet with not much to eat and no shelter.

The Shiv Sena on Sunday annoucned that it was extending its support to the protesting farmers. Led by Left-affiliated All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS), these farmers are protesting for remunerative prices, implementation of Swaminathan Committee recommendations (which includes better minimum support price for farm produce) and Forest Rights Act, stopping wasteful projects like Bullet train and irrigation projects to help other farmers.