Madhya Pradesh govt college distributes free bags with Dalit tag


A government college in Madhya Pradesh has chosen to distribute free schools bags to students belonging to Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) communities with Dalit tag, thereby making them easily identifiable by their castes by others.

Madhya Pradesh is currently government by the Hindu nationalist party, the BJP.

Rajiv Gandhi Government PG College in Mandsaur has been distributing what many would term as racist bags, which contained a calculator, pen and notebooks.

The college has 600 undergraduate and post-graduate SC/ST students of which 250 have received these bags with SC/ST tags.

Astonishingly, the college principal sees nothing wrong in its decision.

“What’s wrong if it is spelled out clearly, because the bags were distributed under a welfare scheme… If some people don’t like it, I will get the words erased… In any case, it was the supplier who wrote it on the bags,’’ principal B R Nalvaya was quoted by Indian Express.

Madhya Pradesh Congress chief Arun Yadav circulated the photos on Twitter on Wednesday.

He wrote in Hindi, “The distribution of bags that indicate caste is shameful. It reflects the anti-Dalit and anti-tribal mindset of the RSS-backed government in Madhya Pradesh.”

“It’s atrocious and cannot be tolerated. It amounts to profiling,’’ said Meenakshi Natarajan, former Congress MP from Mandsaur. She said she would lead a protest on Thursday.


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