London police arrests 20 Sikhs after their protest turned violent


Police in London arrested 20 Sikh protesters after their protests against the alleged brutalities against people from their community in Punjab.

The protesters, who were holding their agitation outside the Indian High Commission in Strand area of central London, suddenly turned violent prompting the police to intervene.

The police said that they were aware of a “planned demonstration” at Indian High Commission but were forced to take action as the protesters blocked roads causing disruption.

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“Police liaison officers attempted to negotiate with those present, in order to facilitate peaceful protest and minimise the disruption to the public,” it added.

The statement further read, “Additional officers, including those from the Mounted Branch, were mobilised to the area and a small group of protesters became violent towards police.”

During the altercation, one police officer also sustained a head injury and was taken to hospital.

Police is currently investigating a ‘number of offences’ that may have been committed.

Explaining the motive behind yesterday’s protest, one of the organisers, Jasveer Singh Gill said, “The point of the protest today was to raise awareness and show the Indian authorities that Sikhs of the UK stand in solidarity with the community in the Punjab who are suffering at the hands of Indian authorities.”

Several districts of Punjab have witnessed sporadic violence after two Sikh youths were allegedly killed in police firing in Faridkot district last week.