EXCLUSIVE: Let down by Delhi police, justice continues to elude Delhi’s ‘Living Nirbhaya’ for 3 years


This is a gut-wrenching story of Delhi’s ‘Living Nirbhaya’ who was raped and humiliated by people she trusted the most. But what’s more? Three years on, the justice continues to elude her.

Her story will make you think if anything has changed post Nirbhaya in Delhi. Has Delhi police’s attitude changed towards the victims of sexual abuse in the city? The flippancy shown by Delhi police will make you feel ashamed.

In an exclusive interview with www.jantakareporter.com, the victim, whose name we are not revealing, said how from Delhi police to Prime Minister’s Office everybody let her down.

The victim says she was raped by her friend, who then ‘offered’ her to his friends and made her MMS in 2012. She contacted Nizamuddin police station, but to no avail as they refused to file her FIR.

According to her, she even wrote to  the Prime Minister’s Office but never got a response. Ironically, she was desperately trying to seek justice for the atrocities committed against her at a time when the entire country was protesting against the gang-rape of Nirbhaya.

Delhi police first refused to lodge her complaint and did so only after the the victim moved High Court six months later. But, despite the High Court’s intervention, such was police’s ‘seriousness’ that it continued to allegedly coerce her to withdraw the case by agreeing to accept some money from her tormentors, who, according to the victim, are incredibly influential and rich. But when she refused to agree to this proposition, she says the alleged perpetrators of the crime filed a counter FIR accusing her of cheating.

What’s also remarkable is that despite having lodged the FIR, the police did not deem it fit to arrest the accused. The victim accuses Delhi police of colluding with the rapists as this was later corroborated by the vigilance department’s inquiry, which revealed that there had been as many as 700 phone calls between the accused relatives and the police inspector in question.

The victim says that rape accused did everything, “to finish” her. She was arrested by Chandigarh police on “fake charges” as one of the accused hailed from there. Her bank account was frozen and the culprits of this ghastly crime even managed to get her evicted out of her rented house.

She says, “It’s been a hell. They took advantage of the fact that I’m an orphan and have nobody to stand for me. What do I do? I even contemplated ending my life, but even that didn’t work. It’s amazing that while the whole country was showing outrage on what happened to Nirbhaya, I was running from pillar to post to get my case registered.

“Who do I blame for my misery? Should I blame God or the system or myself because I decided to take a stand on my self respect. Such is my misery now that I don’t have money and I don’t have house. I also don’t have anybody who I can fall back on.”

Her only hope now is the judiciary and the newly appointed chief DCW, Swati Maliwal, who she is trying seek an appointment with.

We are not revealing the names of the alleged rapists even though the documents including the copies of FIR made available to us do carry their identities.

The three people the victim has charged with committing this heinous crime include one government servant and two businessmen.

You can watch the full interview here.

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