Kumar Vishwas launches all-out attack against Arvind Kejriwal


Kumar Vishwas on Wednesday launched an all-out attack against his friend and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal accusing him of keeping him out of the Rajya Sabha.

He told reporters, “Arvind had once said that I will be killed but not martyred. Today, I accept the martyrdom. All I request Kejriwal is that please tell your Twitter warrior to leave me alone as there are some rules even in war. When you kill your enemy, you don’t tinker with the dead body.”

Addressing Kejriwal, the poet-politician said that it was impossible to survive in the party by disagreeing with him.

“I am grateful to those crores of volunteers who stood by me that everyone has to fight their own battle. I congratulate Arvind and everyone else in the party, who chose these two (in sarcasm) revolutionaries to the Rajya Sabha.”

Vishwas was speaking minutes after the Aam Aadmi Party announced it was sending Sanjay Singh, CA ND Gupta and businessman Sushil Gupta to the Rajya Sabha.