Kumar Vishwas hatched conspiracy to topple Kejriwal government: Gopal Rai


The Aam Aadmi Party on Thursday officially reacted to the controversy surrounding Kumar Vishwas alleging that he was at the “centre” of conspiracies hatched to topple the Arvind Kejriwal government in Delhi after the municipal polls.

This was after Vishwas launched an all-out attack against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for leaving him out of the Rajya Sabha nominations. Vishwas had held Kejriwal responsible for the denial of the Rajya Sabha berth to him. In hsi response, he had also requested the Delhi chief minister that he be spared with any future attacks by his ministers and ‘social media warriors’ of AAP.

In a Facebook live on Thursday, AAP’s Delhi convenor Gopal Rai claimed that after the MCD polls in April last year, “there were attempts to bring down the government and Kumar Vishwas was the principal mover and at the centre of those conspiracies”.

“Most of the meetings in this regard involving a few MLAs were held at his residence. Kapil Mishra was a part of it and later he was removed from the cabinet,” he said.

Rai’s Facebook live was shared by Kejriwal on the latter’s personal social media page.

Vishwas did not react to Rai’s allegations. The disgruntled AAP leader had yesterday alleged that he was punished for saying the truth about Kejriwal’s decisions and that he accepted his “martyrdom”.

During the social media session, Rai referred to a video that Vishwas had released indirectly attacking the Kejriwal government on the issue of corruption.

Rai said that through the video, Vishwas sought to scuttle the AAP’s chances in the municipal polls, which the party eventually lost to the BJP.

“He is a person who attacks the party from every possible public platform. Can such a person be sent to the Rajya Sabha?” Rai asked.

Earlier in the day, Vishwas had tweeted that he will never rethink the stance on various issues that he took in the video.

“The voice of this video was, is and will remain on top for me, despite the cost I had to pay recently. I will never compromise on any stand in this video, even if more sacrifices are needed in future, because it’s not just me, it’s We, The Nation!” he tweeted.