Khap Panchayat in UP ordered two girls to be raped and paraded naked for their brother’s love affair


On a day when a brutal gang-rape was reported from Uttar Pradesh, yet another incident of alleged brutality against two girls have surfaced from a village in India’s largest state.

In an infamous return, a Khap panchayat of Bhagpat district in UP reportedly ordered two Dalit girls to be raped and paraded naked through the village.

These girls appeared to have committed the ‘gravest of sin’ i,e, falling in love with people belonging to other castes. No they didn’t dare to love boys from the other castes. But, the Khap panchayat decided to punish them for the ‘crimes’ of their brother.

The alleged ‘crime’ dates back to several months ago, when, after three years of being in relationship with a Jat girl, the couple’s boy decided to marry her. However, their marriage plans were crushed by the girl’s family as she was married off to a Jat boy against her will.

The unhappy girl soon eloped with her lover before getting married in Haryana. To intimidate the couple into returning, the Khap panchayat called by the Jat community decided that the boy’s sisters be raped and paraded naked in the village with their faces blackened.

The couple did return but only to elope once again. This unleashed a fresh wrath of vengeful attacks on the family causing them to flee the city. They are currently seeking refuge in Delhi, where victim family has now moved High Court fearing their safety.

The mother also complained the villagers, with the help of UP police, had ransacked and taken over their house in the village.

Meanwhile, according to reports, the UP police managed to locate the couple before being able to successfully separate them. The girl has been returned to her parents’ house while the guy languishes in prison under what some say is a false case. Some reports suggest that the Dalit boy was charged with kidnapping the Jat girl, while others claim that he was implicated in a false drug case. Whatever the case, many would argue if the price of inter caste marriage in 21st century UP was so high.