‘Khalbali’ in BJP because of ‘Mahabali’ Rahul Gandhi: Navjot Singh Sidhu


Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu has mocked the BJP after the trends for assembly elections in the Hindi heartland indicated a huge change in fortunes for his party. The cricketer-turned-politician, who had extensively campaigned for his party, said that there was khalbali (unrest) in BJP because of new Mahabali (superhero) Rahul Gandhi.

He told India Today, “In democracy, people have the power to take decision. Now people have caused khalbali in the BJP camp because of a new mahabali Rahul Gandhi. He’s our leader, the more he becomes strong, the more we will become strong. The Congress is a party on ascendancy and our leader is top notch.”

Sidhu also said that BJP should behave with humility and not behave like GTU-Gire bhi to taang upar (Falling flat with legs in the air).

Sidhu had caused quite a flutter with his aggressive style of campaigning in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. While addressing a rally in Rajsthan, he had said that even chaukidar’s (PM Narendra Modi) dog was not loyal and a thief. Yogi (Adityanath) is the biggest bhogi.” His comments had prompted a death threat from Hindu Yuva Vahini, a militant Hindutva outfit, floated by Adityanath.

In a rally in Madhya Pradesh, Sidhu had famously mimicked Prime Minister Narendra Modi Dressed in his traditional pathani suit, Sidhu had become an instant hit as he called Madhya Pradesh’s incumbent chief minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, mama (uncle). He told the audience, “mama to gayo (Mama is gone).”

Even before his audience could stop cheering and applauding, Sidhu continued, this time targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi by addressing him as Thakur. He continues, “Thakur bhi gayo (PM Modi too is gone).”

Elsewhere, Ashok Gehlot was all smiles when he addressed the media. When asked about the chief ministerial face in Rajasthan, a relaxed Gehlot said that the face will be announced soon adding that ‘rest assured, the government will be of the Congress.’