UAE announces Rs 700 crore help for Kerala flood victim


Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said that the United Arab Emirates had announce an assistance of Rs 700 crore towards rebuilding the state, ravaged by the worst floods for over a century, reported NDTV and Indian Express.

Nearly 400 people have reportedly died in the floods that gripped the God’s own country since 8 August.

The UAE’s astonishing help for Kerala flood victims came just day after the gulf kingdom announced it was forming a committee to decide on its help to rebuild the state. In his heartfelt social media post, UAE’s Sheikh Mohammed had said that people of Kerala were ‘part of our success story.”

The UAE government had also published a full-page advertisement in the country’s newspapers urging people to donate towards the victims of the natural calamity.

A day later, another gulf nation Qatar had announced a financial package of Rs 35 crore towards the flood victims of the southern Indian state.

The Centre’s Narendra Modi has, so far, sanctioned Rs 600 crore for the state reeling under the nature’s fury of extraordinary magnitude. Of them Prime Minister Modi had announced the package of Rs 500 crore during his trip to Kerala, where he also undertook an aerial survey of the flood-affected parts of the state.

The fact that a foreign country has donated more towards an Indian state than the Indian government drew sharp reactions from journalists and social media users. Journalist Nagarjun Dwarakanath wrote, “UAE Govt gives 700 crore fund to Kerala. ———- Govt of India has paid 600 crore.”

Another journalist, Vinod K Jose, wrote, “UAE to give Kerala Rs 700 crore, which is Rs 100 crore more than government of India. It is time that Delhi matched Kerala tragedy at least with the cost of a statue or a mela.”

Another user Sarthak Biswal tweeted, “UAE, outsider offered 700 crore to kerala(just a state in india) Bt our govt.yet offered 100+500 (later) cr to kerala Is kerala,a state in india or UAE?”

According to reports quoting the state government of Kerala, the ravaging floods have caused the state a loss of Rs 19,000 crore.