Kerala Congress (B) leader in dock for racist speech insulting Muslims, Christians


Kerela Congress (B) leader has sparked a new controversy by making communally insensitive remarks.

A audio clip of R Balakrishna Pillai allegedly making communal “remarks” against Muslim and Christians has gone viral now.

In the clip, as reported by Indian Express, Pillai is reported to have said, “In Thiruvananthapuram, I am staying in the party office. In the past, I hadn’t seen Muslims in Thampanoor area, where there had only been Nairs.”

He goes on to make even more provocative remarks.

“In the past there was only one church at Palayam. Now, there are many. They come from Thiruvalla, Chenganoor.. Once they reach, they build a church. Whereas… we (Nairs) do not join NSS,’” he allegedly said.

Pillai has not denied the content in the adio. Instead, he, according to the paper, said that ‘I meant it is necessary to make more local units of NSS. Don’t exactly remember what I said.’

“I had only said that it was not right on the part of the courts to interfere into the subject of spirituality. Besides, what I said in Pathanapuram was not a speech. It was just an interaction confined within the four walls of NSS Karayogam building,” he told Manorama News.

Pillai’s son K B Ganesh Kumar is an MLA backing the current LDF government.