Doubt Modi did BA from DU, certificate published in newspaper forged: Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday described the BA degree of Narendra Modi published by a newspaper forged adding that the prime minister had never completed his bachelors course from Delhi University as claimed by the latter.

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He tweeted, ” Why is DU refusing info abt PM’s degree? Becoz he does not have it DU refuses to show records of PM’s degree. Why? My info- he did not do BA from DU. No records in DU. Degree published by some papers forged. (sic)”


Times of India on Wednesday had carried two certificates claiming they were of Modi’s BA and MA documents respectively.

However, as reported by earlier today, many Gujarat-based activists had cast doubt on their authenticity.

Kejriwal had requested the CIC last week to provide information on Modi’s educational qualification, which has been an enigma for years.


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