Kashmir IPS officer, Harbhajan Singh share joke on GST, goes viral


Kashmiri IPS officer Mubassir Latifi and cricketer Harbhajan Singh shared a joke on social media platforms explaining the pain of GST, introduced by the central government. Within hours of they sharing the joke, it has gone truly viral on both Facebook on Twitter.

Latifi first shared the joke on Facebook on 25 September on his Facebook page. The joke said, “While making payment of bill after dinner in restaurant, it feels like State Govt & central Govt both had a dinner with us.”

Latifi’s post had more than 1,000 likes over 150 comments.

Two days later, Harbhajan Singh shared the same joke on Twitter, where he wrote, “While making payment of bill after dinner in restaurant, it feels like state govt & central govt both had a dinner with us…”

Singh’s post was retweeted more than 10,000 times and it received over 27,000 likes.

The introduction of GST has been a controversial decision by the central government with many traders and businessmen protesting about it. Gujarat’s trading textile industry has been on intermittent strike against the GST while exporters in India have expressed their fears of catastrophic impact on their businesses.

Amidst utter chaos prevailing India’s economic atmosphere, it seems the social media users have no option but to regale themselves with such funny takes on GST. Until of course the government withdraws what’s been termed as a draconian step.