Two ‘husbands’ fight over woman on Karnataka highway, she walks away with third man


In a bizarre incident in Karnataka, a woman walked away with another man even as two men, both claiming to be her husbands, fought with each other.

The incident happened at Bavikere Cross, a tiny village junction on National Highway 48 (Bengaluru-Pune) between Tumakuru and Nelamangala. Their ugly spat brought the traffic to standstill as people stopped their cars to witness the fight.

The story, reported by Times of India quoting police, appears to have been lifted out of a Hindi film. The woman, identified as Shashikala, was reportedly living with Chikkabidarukallu Murthy, a tractor driver.

“Shashikala tied the knot with Rangaswamy in 2000 and the marriage was over in 2010. Then, Shashikala lived with Ramesh Kumar, a supervisor at a garment factory. In 2015, she found another man, Kumar, but got separated from him in six months. Since 2017, Shashikala has been living with Chikkabidarukallu Murthy, a married man with two children,” Times of India quoted the cops as saying.

And if this wasn’t confusing enough, then the entry of another man added more twists in the fight. Siddaraju, a cab driver in the same garment factory whose supervisor Shashikala has been living with, later proposed marry her, the woman apparently answered in affirmative. “Since Murthy was married and Siddaraju a bachelor, Shashikala decided to marry the latter. On Saturday, Shashikala was standing with Siddaraju at a bus stand when Murthy came and attacked him,” Times of India further quoted the police as saying.

On Saturday Murthy and Siddaraju came face to face claiming that Shashikala was married to them. The cops from Nelamangala police later intervened. Shashikala told the police that none of them was her husband and instead walked away with another man, who she claimed was her friend.