India may be cash-strapped, but this former BJP leader’s family splashes crores on wedding


While millions of Indians may be feeling the pain in the absence of no access to their own hard-earned money because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation announcement, one former BJP politician is laughing.

Karanataka’s mining baron and former BJP leader, Gali Janardhan Reddy, has his daughter’s wedding planned for Wednesday (today) and the cost is likely to incur in crores with one estimate describing the expected expenditure at Rs 500 crore.

Reddy brothers were ministers in the BJP government headed by B. S. Yeddyurappa in Karnataka but had to resign along with the chief minister after all were implicated in mining scam.

The family’s invitation card was sent in a box with LCD screen, that played a welcome song featuring the Reddy family (Watch below).

And if this wasn’t enough, as reported by NDTV, Bollywood art directors have been hired to create lavish life-size sets at the wedding venue. The sets have also sought to replicate other famous landmarks like the Vitthala temple of Hampi and the Cowl Bazaar in Chennai.

Homes of bride Bramhani Reddy and groom Rajeev Reddy too have been recreated while the dining area has been built to resemble the Reddy family’s village in Bellary.

Reddys’ decision to splash hundreds of crores on a wedding just when millions of Indians are struggling to get hold of Rs 4,000 from their hard-earned deposits has made him a villain. Several opposition leaders have condemned Reddy and his former party for utter insensitivity.

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, while speaking in the state assembly on Tuesday, called it the BJP’s hypocrisy, Karnataka health minister Ramesh Kumar said the wedding an ugly display of wealth.

The BJP, meanwhile, appears to remain oblivious to the widespread criticism. Yeddyurappa, now inducted back in the BJP, was seen attending the pre-wedding function with many BJP leaders expected to grace the occasion later today.