Karnataka lady cop refuses to withdraw her Facebook resignation


Karnataka cop, Anupama Shenoy, who had announced her resignation on Facebook earlier this week, has refused to reconsider her decision.

The DSP rank officer had shocked everyone by posting her three-word resignation on Facebook.

Her Facebook resignation, which read, ‘Resigned and Jobless’ soon became viral on social media platforms.

Shenoy was recently transferred allegedly for putting a minister’s call on hold.

The man accused of having her transferred was  Karnataka’s labour minister PT Parmeshwar Naik. He, however, denied charges of being responsible for Shenoy’s resignation.

“I have no connection with her resignation. That is a personal issue. I have played no part in it. I am not connected at all,” the minister said.

However, in a new post on her Facebook page, Shenoy has allegedly dared Naik to resign saying “PT Parameshwar Naik, I have resigned. When are you resigning?”

But Shenoy, according to NDTV, has disowned the new Facebook post, which allegedly threatens to release CDs and audio tapes against Naik.

She said she was not aware of updates on her Facebook account, adding that on Thursday evening, she would meet Bellary’s Superintendent of Police who, according to sources, has been tasked by the government to persuade her to take back her resignation.