Karanataka government’s plans to build Rs 1,200 crore Cauvery statue slammed on social media


The Karnataka government’s plans to build a Rs 1,200 crore Cauvery Statue has evoked angry reactions from social media users. This was after several reports quoted a powerful Karnataka government minister as saying that the project plans had already been placed before the state assembly in the budget.

Karnataka irrigation minister DK Shivakumar was quoted as saying, “We are just coming up with an amusement park for tourism, like Disneyland. Mysore is a destination for tourism. There is the famous Brindavan Garden and we want to enrich it. We want the world to look at it.”

The project, after it gets the green light, is expected to cost the state exchequer Rs 1.200 crore and will be completed in two years.

The idea has been met with angry reactions on social media with members of the Indian civil society widely condemning the move. Bollywood musician and AAP supporter Vishal Dadlani wrote, “They’re actually trying to out-moron each other. Schools, not statues. This is why I support AAP.” Writer Zainab Sikandar wrote, “Dear Congress, Must u follow the irresponsible steps of BJP & suggest a Cauvery statue that will do nothing for the state of Karnataka?Do not give tourism as an excuse. You burn double the amount in maintenance of the structure than what you earn.Don’t legitimise their follies!.”

The Cauvery Statue project is aimed at boosting the tourism in Karnataka. Cauvery river is a lifeline for most people living in southern Karnataka.  The project is likely to include a 125 feet tall statue of ‘Mother Cauvery’ near the Krishnarajasagara Dam on Cauvery River in Mandya district. It will also have an amusement park, a museum complex, two glass houses measuring around 360 feet, giving a bird’s eye view of the reservoir. Among other attractions, there are also plans for a band stand, indoor stadium and replicas of historical monuments, spread over 400 acres of land.

The proposal to build a statue costing hundreds of crores of rupees comes days after the Congress, which is an alliance partner in the Karnataka government, slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for wasting public money by building Rs 3,000 crore Statue of Unity in Gujarat.