Kapil Mishra faints in live press conference, said AAP lied to Income Tax on funding


AAP’s Dilip Pandey questioned if Mishra had indeed fainted for real.

His tweets said, “And he fainted soon after completing his press conference. But his hands remained on his forehead and they did not come off. What a faint!”

Earlier, announcing to reporters in Delhi, Mishra said that his party had indulged in bogus entries in funding.

He also alleged that there was a scam in Delhi government’s pet scheme, Mohalla Clinics.

He’s addressing the media using the powerpoint presentation.

Mishra said, “ab to ye spasth hai, Arvind Kejriwal bharasth hai (This is now clear that Arvind Kejriwal is corrupt.)”

Mishra also warned Kejriwal saying he would drag the Delhi chief minister by his collar from his office to Tihar jail.

He said, “Arvind Kejriwal, have some shame. If you don’t resign by today evening, I will drag you from your office to Tihar Jail. I’m Kapil Mishra.”

The former Water Resources and Tourism Minister in the Kejriwal government, before taking ill, alleged that the party received funds wroth “crores of rupees” from several “shell” companies.

“All this happened with the knowledge of Arvind Kejriwal as these shell companies deposited money in the AAP bank account on the same day and time in January 2014,” Mishra said, brandishing documents.

He demanded Kejriwal’s resignation, and immediately after that lost consciousness.

The ex-minister had, after he was sacked, levelled personal allegations of “corruption” against Kejriwal and his minister Satyendar Jain.

Moments later, AAP said that the party will address a news conference at 1 PM to respond to Mishra’s charges. However, it’s not clear whether Kejriwal himself will speak to media.

Meanwhile, AAP MLA Sanjeev Jha, said that the allegations levelled by Mishra on party funding weren’t new.

He said, “All these allegations have been raised by the Income Tax department and we’ve replied to those charges. Also, you have to understand is that the man called Neil sitting next to him is a BJP guy. We will expose him, rest assured.”

Jha too started his fast against Mishra on Sunday.

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