Kanhaiya Kumar, fake PMO official, arrested by Delhi Police


Delhi Police have arrested Kanhaiya Kumar, who masqueraded as a senior official with the Prime Minister’s Office on Monday.

Kumar, whose visiting card described him as a senior director with the PMO, was under surveillance by the cops since he contacted the Central Vigilance Commissioner to get someone a job. The CVC became suspicious of his identity and contacted the PMO to find out if anyone with his name worked as a director. The response was in negative.

The CVC office then alerted Delhi Police, which placed him under constant surveillance.

His business cards had Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s room number, 152, on them but the phone number was wrong, and that’s how he was caught.

He’s been sent to a 10-day police remand as cops hunt for his associate, who helped him secure fake identity documents. Kumar holds a PhD degree and often moved around in an expensive SUV. He was arrested from sector 100 in Noida.

Some reports suggested that Kumar had come under the government radar in 2014 when the new government under Narendra Modi began a crackdown on touts working in different ministries. He had gone in hiding for sometime then.