Justice Katju says Nitish Kumar should become Prime Minister and Arvind Kejriwal as his deputy


Former Supreme Court Judge, Justice Markandey Katju has said that Nitish Kumar should lead the country as prime minister and Arvind Kejriwal as deputy prime minister.

Writing on his Facebook page, Justice Katju said, “I have been critical of our politicians, but as long as the system lasts in India we have to seek the best.
In my opinion the next Prime Minister of India should be Nitish Kumar, with Arvind Kejriwal as his Deputy Prime Minister.

“I say so because I have not heard anything against the personal integrity of these two, even though I have sometimes been critical of them.
However, it is for the people of India to judge and decide.”

Justice Katju, who’s also a former Press Council of India chairman, had taken a break from social media citing his old age. His last social media presence on Facebook was on 5 March this year.

His endorsement for Kumar and Kejriwal assumes significance in light of his repeated criticism for the Delhi chief minister.

Kumar had recently urged secular political parties to unite to make India ‘free from RSS and the BJP’ in the next general elections scheduled for 2019.