Judge Loya’s death: Lawyer Dushyant Dave files application seeking to examine 11 persons including two judges


In a sensational development, lawyer Dushyant Dave on Monday filed a fresh application seeking to examine 11 persons including two judges in connection with the mysterious death of Judge BH Loya.

Dave is currently representing Bombay Lawyers Association in the Supreme Court, which currently hearing case related to the mysterious death of the former special CBI judge.

Among those who Dave has sought to examine include the owner of Dande Hospital, Dr Pinak Dande, Caravan reporter Niranjan Takle, who broke the story on BH Loya’s suspicious death and two judges namely Vijay C Barde, Addlitional Sessions Judge, City Civil and Sessions Court, Greater Bombay and SM Modak, Principal District Judge, Pune.

Other individuals requested for examination are Sanjeev Barve, Director General/Commissioner, State Intelligence Department, Maharashtra, Dr. Prashant Bajrang Rathi, Srikant D Kulkarni, Anuj Brij Gopal Loya, Judge Loya’s son, Sharmila Brij Gopal Loya Judge Loya’s wife, Hari Kishan Ramchandra Loya, the deceased’s father and Dr. Anuradha Balaprasad Biyani, Judge Loya’s sister, reported Live Law website.

Summoning of Dr Prashant Rathi assumes significance in light of his suspicious role and inconsistencies in his statements after the death of Judge Loya. Anuradha Biyani was the first to have cast suspicion on the circumstances leading to her brother’s death as the Caravan magazine’s original expose had relied on her as a key source.

Judge Loya was hearing the case related to Sohrabuddin Shaikh’s alleged fake encounter case when he died in a mysterious circumstances in November 2014. BJP President Amit Shah was a key accused in the murder of Sohrabuddin, his wife Kausar Bi and Tulsiram Prajapati.

Janta Ka Reporter had recently asked if Judge Loya’s death was a case of a perfect murder through an induced cardiac arrest. There were several developments that did not appear to make sense including why he was rushed to an ill-equipped Dande hospital, when the state-of-the-art Wockhardt Heart Hospital was situated at almost a similar distance. Why was he then taken to Meditrina hospital, where he was brought declared dead? What was Dr Prashant Rathi’s interest in Judge Loya, when he wasn’t even remotely connected to the former CBI judge?