Jet Airways and Sonu Nigam singing, India must grow up!


Captain Khalid Ehsan

Just because some video goes viral, authorities need not react in apprehension.

Singing in-flight may be uncommon for Indian skies but world over it has been performed in many airlines with Southwest Airlines, KLM, Virgin Atlantic being the most prominent ones.

India needs to grow up. Not too long ago, girl friends were looked down upon in India, but today we are debating the LGBT rights.

India also needs to open up. There was no Flight Safety Hazard if there was singing by Sonu Nigam inflight.

South West airlines often carried out regular inflight live concerts where many musical stars of international fame have performed.

Charges being made are simply frivolous and should be re-looked.

PA system was used for singing which is violation of procedures.

PA System is part of a system which is called In-Flight Entertainment System. PA System is subpart of it. Unlike Radio Telephony (R/T System) the use of PA system does not require a license. Even if Sonu Nigam was singing and the captain had to make safety announcement, he had the priority and Sonu Nigam’s mic would have automatically been redundant.

Forward galley was unattended

There is no legal or safety requirement for an attendant to man front galley all the time. All cabin crew could be serving in cabin at the same time. Front galley not attended for few minutes in flight is no violation.

Number of passengers standing in the aisle area

Passengers could stand in galley without any restriction except when captain has put on the seat belt signs. This is neither a violation nor a safety issue.

Aircraft was descending when the performance was going on

No legal requirement to be seated during descent except when seat belt sign is on, which wasn’t the case on this occasion.

Passengers could have been hurt in case of clear weather turbulence

No such procedure exists to prevent passengers from standing except, once again, when the seat belt sign is on. Clear air turbulence could hurt even in normal flight and there exists no procedure to be restrained all the time in the flight.

Crew wasn’t aware of cabin activity

Cockpit crew should be aware of only matters related to flight safety and not for every thing that’s going on in the cabin. However, if a passenger was or unruly or suspicious, cockpit needs to be informed.

Chartered flights world over has been known to carry out concert kind of performance in the flight. I think world is changing and so should we.

The author is former Air Force officer and a professional pilot