Jain couple to abandon 3-year-old daughter and Rs 100 crore property under religious order

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A Jain couple has decided to abandon their 3-year-old child and property worth Rs 100 crore as part of their religious order, known as Shwetambar or white clad. The couple, husband Sumit Rathore and wife Anamika are from Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh will become monks as they head towards spirituality.

Both husband and wife are in their mid 30s.

While Sumit managed his family business up until now, Anamika, a trained engineer, had worked at a big mining company called Hindustan Zinc Limited before getting married.

In a week from now, couple will renounce their family ties and seek deeksha or vow in Jain monasticism at a ceremony to be held in Surat on 23 September by a Jain monk Sudhamargi Jain Acharya Ramlal Maharaj, reported PTI. The couple, who got married four years ago, have already severed ties with family in order to gradually end affections and emotional attachment they may have towards them.

Their hair will be plucked and they don white robes from henceforth. They will also be required to cover their mouth as part of the ritual. Their 3-year-old daughter Ibhya will be looked after by her grandparents.

Anamika’s father Ashok Chandaliya, former district president of the BJP in Neemuch, said that he would take care of his grand-daughter.

“I am not against my daughter Anamika becoming a nun,” he said. Sumit’s father Rajendra Singh, who runs a factory manufacturing gunny bags for packaging cement in the town, reiterated.

The couple, who got married four years ago, is observing the vow of silence, and is cut off from their family to gradually end affection.

Sumit and Anamika had taken the decision when their daughter was just 8 months old, Sumit’s cousin Rekha Jain told NDTV.

While their relatives are believed to be ‘proud’ of the couple’s decision, the child protection officer of the area, Raghvendra Sharma, calls it a violation of child rights.

Asking Madhya Pradesh child protection commission to intervene, Sharma said, “This is against the rights of the child (Ibhya). They are running away from their responsibilities… We should stop them.”

Earlier this year, a 17-year-old student, Varshil Shah, had renounced the world and become a monk  soon after he secured 99.9 % marks in Class 12 Commerce examination.



  1. Everyone aspiration is to become union(yoga) with the creator. becoming monk/nun/bramhachari is a fastest path. I am fully agree with their decision.


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