“It’s a living hell in Kashmir”: WATCH Exclusive report by Rifat Jawaid from Srinagar


The administration in Srinagar on Sunday announced that it was reopening 193 out of 900 primary schools in Srinagar from Monday. However, the schools had to shut down as soon as they opened on Monday after parents refused to send their children.


While many including some within the government felt that this was a part of the ‘civilian curfew’ observed by the local population, some parents said that their decision to not send their children to schools was prompted by their concern for the safety of their little ones. One father said that there was no question of sending his children to school until the situation returned to complete normalcy and phone lines became fully functional.

Currently, only a limited number of landline phones have been made operational while the ban on mobile phones and the internet remain in full force.

Janta Ka Reporter’s editor-in-chief Rifat Jawaid caught up with two parents outside Srinagar’s posh Presentation Convent School on Monday. One of them, Riaz, said that the government’s recent clampdown had made their condition a ‘living hell.’ Riaz said that the shutdown imposed by the government had a crippling effect on his business.

“Not everyone lives in the close vicinity of the school. Some of us have to cover a 20 km distance to come to school. We are scared and worried about our children’s safety. Due to the barricading of roads, there’s not even space for a small car to pass. Is this the right environment to send children to school in?” Riaz asked.

Riaz also blamed the media for their worsening condition as he said, “your media has caused more destruction to us than the government.”

You can watch the exclusive report by Rifat Jawaid below: