ISRO launches military communication satellite GSAT-6


ISRO has successfully launched India’s latest communication satellite GSAT-6 at Sriharikota on Thursday. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched its 25th home-made communications satellite using the Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV).

This satellite was mired in controversy as it was originally part of the infamous Antrix-Devas agreement. The Indian government scraped the deal and the matter went to an international arbitration.

GSAT-6 is a special military communications satellite. It has been launched using the GSLV rocket which is powered by an Indian-made cryogenic engine.

The ISRO chairman said “GSAT-6 carries one of the largest antennas we have built, a 6 meter diameter antenna, the prime purpose is to make sure that communication can happen with smaller and smaller hand held devices whether it is for data, video or voice. The users for this will be the strategic sector as it gives a tremendous opportunity for using very small handheld devices in the remotest places.”

The 2,117 kg Indian-made satellite carries a very special giant antenna which will open up in space like an umbrella. The large antennae will help India’s strategic forces to communicate with each other on secure lines using special small hand held devices.