Irked by tough question, MP’s BJP MLA threatens, says he can even order encounter


A BJPLA in Madhya Pradesh has boasted about his ability to order an “encounter” after a confrontation with a journalist, who asked him tough questions.

Velsingh Bhuria, a first time MLA from Sardarpur constituency, didn’t like the fact that journalists were giving him grief with their uncomfortable questions while attending a farmers’ event in a village on Tuesday.

It all started with a journalist askim him if he knew anyone in the local administration. Bhuria replied, “You are talking about my clout? I have the powers to order an encounter. If people disturb the peace and create problems, then I can do that. Talk to me with respect. I am your legislator. You are the media. If you want to write about it, do so by all means. I don’t care.”

He, however, quickly mellowed down and even forgot he had clout to order encounter of a journalist after his loose talks resulted in huge controversy.

Issuing a quick apology he said, “My statement which is being shown in the media is not my complete statement, the media has distorted my statement. It is a conspiracy by my rivals. I respect the media and if my statement has hurt anyone I apologise.”

Madhya Pradesh is ruled by the BJP and its chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has been facing music because the deaths of 48 people related to Vyapam scam.

A local BJP leader Ramesh Dhariwal said, “He is an innocent man and simple. He can’t have said anything like this. His statement is being misrepresented. I stand by him.”