IPS officer in Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh faces public condemnation for bizarre theory after Muslim man mysteriously dies in police custody


An IPS officer working in Yogi Adityanath’s Uttar Pradesh is facing widespread public condemnation for his bizarre theory after a Muslim man mysteriously died in police custody in Kasganj. Reacting to the mysterious death of 22-year-old Altaf, Kasganj SP Botre Rohan Pramod coined an extraordinary theory behind the suspicious death of the Muslim man.

According to Pramod, the police had called Altaf son of Chahat Mian for questioning early in the morning. “During the interrogation, he requested cops if he could use the washroom. He was sent to the washroom in the lock-up. He was wearing a black jacket. He used the drawstring from the hood to hang himself from the washroom’s tap.”

Pramod said that Altaf was taken to hospital but he was declared dead.

However, netizens erupted in anger asking the top cop of Kasganj how a man could hang himself from a water tap, whose height is not more than two feet from the ground.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted asking if there was any respect for human rights of those living in Uttar Pradesh any longer.

Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav demanded a judicial probe into the mysterious death of Altaf.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra too slammed the Adityanath government for the recent deaths of individuals in police custody. Vadra is likely to visit Kasganj on Thursday.

Pramod said that five policemen had been suspended in connection with Altaf’s death, but did not specify the crime of those cops since, according to him, the Muslim man had died by hanging himself from a water tap.

Meanwhile, Altaf’s father said that he had encouraged his son to visit the police station after allegations surfaced against him. But, he added, when he went to meet his son, policemen ill-treated him and prevented him from meeting Altaf. Later, he was informed about his death. According to the victim’s father, cops had killed his son.

Altaf was accused of kidnapping a minor Hindu girl, a class 10 student, who continues to remain missing. Meanwhile, Altaf was buried on Wednesday. But his death in police custody has raised serious questions on alleged extra-judicial killings of citizens in Uttar Pradesh by cops under Adityanath, a religious fanatic Hindu leader.