Indian High Commissioner to New Zealand leaves country after wife accused of assaulting staff


Indian High Commissioner to New Zealand is set to leave the country on Saturday after allegations that his wife had assaulted a staff member, reports PTI.

Quoting media reports the news agency said that the High Commissioner Ravi Thapar had formally been recalled and a vehicle was seen this morning at his Wellington address.

NZ Radio website said that “police will not say who the staff member laid the complaint against, but say the man returned to India three weeks after the alleged assault in early May.” Police were declined to interview both Thapar and his wife Sharmila.

The NZ Radio website further caimed that the victim did not want to press charges, and when they tried to interview High Commission staff they were rebuffed and unable to take their investigation further

The victim, believed to be a chef, had reportedly walked 20 kms one night from the diplomat’s residence to Wellington where he was found by member of a public in a distress state.

He was then taken to police station and later spent several nights at Wellington Night Shelter. He alleged that he was kept in slavery and was assaulted by Sharmila.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said it was aware Thapar was preparing to leave New Zealand.

New Zealand Herald quoted Thapar as saying, “I’m going but to take care of my mum because my dad passed away last year. I can’t keep up 13,000 km away just talking to her on the phone.”

Thapar has denied allegations arguing that his wife was an “experienced diplomatic spouse” incapable of assaulting an “able-bodied man.”