If you were outraged about Dadri, Mumbai’s ‘Toyota murder’ is no less gruesome


If the nation was outraged about the lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in Uttar Pradesh’s Dadri, hours after his murder a young Muslim was brutally murdered in no less gruesome circumstances.

Jantakareporter.com brings you the detailed report on how humanity was shamed in the financial capital of India hours after the world was expressing its outrage on Dadri lynching.

Eighteen days after Mohammed Yakub Abdul Hasan Shaikh, an employee at Toyota Workshop in Sewri, Mumbai, was allegedly murdered by one of his colleagues, talks are on over compensation between the company and the deceased’s family.

Alongside, the police investigation is on after one accused, an employee of the company, was arrested and sent to judicial custody.

Shaikh, 48 and a father of three children, died on September 29, the very day he re-joined the workshop after Eid leave – and a few hours after the gruesome murder of a Muslim man in a Dadri village in Greater Noida on the rumour that he had eaten and stored beef.

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A post-mortem conducted at the KEM Post-Morten Centre (see the attached report) by doctors Sunil Vidhate and HM Pathak declared the provisional cause of death in these words: “Respiratory failure due to pulmonary air embolism with pressured air in large and small intestine, thoracic and abdominal cavities and scrotal sac (unnatural).”

Post-mortem report of Mohammed Yakub Abdul Hasan Shaikh, who was allegedly “murdered” by one of his colleague at Toyota Service Workshop in Sewri, Mumbai, on 29 September.

Waris Yusuf Pathan, an All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen MLA from Mumbai’s Byculla constituency, said on Friday that he had demanded investigation into the murder and sought compensation for the deceased’s family.

“I have demanded compensation for Shaikh’s family and a proper investigation. We have seen the CCTV footage [of the Toyota company]. Regarding compensation, the company is offering an amount and the family wants a different amount. So, the talks are on,” Pathan told www.jantakareporter.com

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Pathan said he visited the company’s workshop in Sewri where Shaikh worked and submitted a memorandum to the authorities.

“I have not lodged a court case, but a case is going in a magistrate’s court. I went to the company on Tuesday and gave a memorandum to them. Apart from that, I have also given a memorandum to the police station. The police are also investigating in view of the footage obtained from the CCTV,” he informed.

“One accused has been arrested and he has been sent to judicial custody. He belongs to the company and an FIR was registered against him,” said Pathan.

Photo of the FIR lodged on September 29 in Mumbai, in the “murder” of Toyota employee Mohammed Yakub Abdul Hasan Shaikh.

According to a report of Mumbai newspaper Mumbai Mirror, the accused is named Santosh Arekar, who has since been arrested Under Section 302. The paper, quoting police, reported that Arekar “challenged” Shaikh to insert the pump into his rectum to test the pressure.

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Arekar claims Shaikh agreed to the challenge and then he switched on the pump, which released very high speed air into his colleague’s body due to which he died.

However, Sheikh’s family has different version of the incident, which happened after he joined the workshop after Eid holiday. The family is accusing that Sheikh’s colleagues “punished” him for doing qurbani on Eid.

Sheikh’s daughter says the family received a call at around 2.30 pm on September 29 and her mother reached KEM Hospital, where Shaikh was taken to, within 10 minutes, but couldn’t locate her husband immediately.
Shaikh’s daughter in a video interview says her father had “vomited and fainted” after the incident.

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Shaikh’s nephew Irfan said that four people, who had taken the body to the hospital, presented a “fabricated story before us”.

“They told us that when he started working after having meal, he had started vomiting. They said they then brought him to the hospital,” said Irfan.

“I saw a bloated body. My uncle didn’t have any illness. He was fit and healthy; only he used to some pain in knees. We felt suspicious and decided to go for post-mortem to know the cause of death. The four people repeated the same story to the police.”

Irfan further said that they decided to go for post-mortem after they became suspicious foul play.

“As soon as my daddy [Shaikh’s brother] signed the papers for post-mortem and the body was being taken for post-mortem, the four people phoned their offices and three [Toyota] GMs reached the hospital along with three ‘witnesses’,” he said.

“They said to my father that whatever was told to you was wrong and that your brother had been murdered. They [the GMs] had lodged an FIR and even included these ‘witnesses’ as complainants. Actually, we are the complainants because my uncle was killed. They [witnesses] should play the role of eyewitnesses.”

Irfan claimed that doctors told Shaikh’s family that he was murdered.

“The police were lackadaisical from the beginning and said that they [Shaikh and his colleagues] were having fun. No one talked in our support. When we spoke to the doctor who conducted the post-mortem, he told us that air was pumped into his body at a speed of 140,” he said.

Irfan further said, “The police only applied Section 302 in the case. What about the other sections? We feel people involved have connived; we don’t trust the police. If they don’t investigate, we want the case transferred to CBI or CID where it can be properly investigated.”

When www.jantakareporter.com contacted Toyota service station in Mumbai, the voice at the other end said that someone would contact later. But so far no once has contacted us, and that’s why we are going with this story without Toyota’s version.

According to an October 14 report posted on twocircles.net, Shinrai Toyota, which runs the Sewri service station and is Toyota’s official dealer, “has not even bothered to contact the family”.