Hurt Mamata Banerjee launches stinging attack against rivals in politics and media

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A victorious Mamata Banerjee, who came out to meet her supporters a while ago, has hit out at her political adversaries for running ‘dirtiest campaign’ against her during the assembly elections.

In a veiled attack against Rahul Gandhi and blaming him for the downfall in Congress, she said that Narendra Modi’s biggest USP was Rahul Gandhi.

She told India Today, “Narendra Modi’s biggest USP was Rahul Gandhi. That’s all I have to say.”

She made these comments in response to a question on whether she would bury differences with the Congress if Rahul Gandhi apologised for aligning with the Left.

She said, “This is unprecedented victory. Has never happened before. I thank people for reposing faith in Trinamool Congress. I must say that there has to be a minimum standard of decency in politics. Some lakshman rekha in politics must be adhered to. We expect some courtesy. Malicious campaign was launched against us. It’s not good for democracy.

“Lies were spread, all efforts were made to discredit me and my party members. There is no place for such thing in politics. People have given fitting reply to those who took the election campaign to the dirtiest possible level.”

She thanked national press for playing impartial role.

She said, ” I must thank national and international media for playing impartial role. Can’t say the same about Bengali press.”

Mamata dodged the questioned by ABP News when the reporter asked her if she would lead the third front. This was welcomed by laughter by her supporters.

ABP News, owned by Aveek Sarkar, had come for criticism by Trinamool supporters for perceived anti-TMC coverage.

She asked the Congress party to apologise for aligning with the Left in Bengal even though it fought against communists in Kerala.

Banerjee, who is set a historic landslide despite five years of anti-incumbency, told a Bengali reporter, “Don’t force me to open my mouth now.”

This  was in relation to her complaints against the a section of Bengali media, which according to her, launched sustained campaign against her and her party leaders.

The fire-brand leader felt that both Congress and CPI-M had committed huge blunder by coming together against her in Bengal.

She said, “In 2004, I chose to fight alone because I didn’t want to compromise with my belief and values. CPI-M compromised with their ideology in state politics. Congress made a blunder for national politics.”


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