Hindu Sena to celebrate ‘saviour’ Donald Trump’s birthday in Delhi on Tuesday


Hindu Sena has decided to celebrate the birthday of ‘saviour’ US Presidential nominee, Donald Trump on Tuesday.

The right-wing Hindutva group said that it will celebrate Trump’s birthday in a grand fashion on Tuesday at the Jantar Mantar in Delhi.

According to an ANI report, a colourful open invite sporting the face of Trump surrounded by balloons, said “join us and let’s celebrate the birthday of the saviour of humanity, the Republican Presidential Nominee of the United States of America”.

Speaking to the news agency, Hindu Sena National President Vishnu Gupta said that a special seven kilo cake and a grand orchestra had been arranged for the event.

“We are celebrating his special day, despite the recent tragedy in Orlando because, he is taking a stand against Islamic terror and that is very important to India, as we have been plagued from this kind of terrorism. Only one man can save us all from this epidemic and that is him. I pray that he wins with heavy majority and fulfils his promise of wiping Islamic terror off the face of the earth,” Gupta said.

Last month, the Hindu Sena had organised havan and held prayers for Trump’s victory in the Presidential race, as a priest chanted hymns and members of the group made offerings to fir.

Trump has become a new hero for the right-wing groups in India for his blunt anti-Muslim rhetoric as one of his proposals included banning of Muslims entering the United States should he become the President of the US.

The billionaire real estate developer has positioned himself as the answer to growing Islamic radicalism across the world.

(Photo: Joy Das on Twitter)