HC dismiss Somnath Bharti’s bail plea, saying that he is “violent”


The Delhi High Court on Tuesday dismissed the anticipatory bail plea of former Delhi law minister Somnath Bharti, accused of domestic violence by his wife Lipika Mitra, saying that Bharti is “violent”.

The court noted that the allegations against him are “very serious”.

Justice Suresh Kait said Bharti is not only “violent and outrageous at home but also before the public at large”.

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Bharti, the Aam Aadmi Party legislator from Malviya Nagar constituency, was named in an FIR on charges of domestic violence and attempt to murder, and attempt to cause miscarriage without the woman’s consent.

The court took note of the submissions of police that Bharti had already been involved in two more cases in connection with the Khirki Extension raid, in which he targeted some African women in January 2014.

The court added, “…. which speaks of volume and shows that the petitioner (Bharti) is not only violent and outrageous at home but also before the public at large as noted in above mentioned cases.”

The court in its judgment also took into note an e-mail sent by Mitra to Bharti on 20 March, 2013, stating that Bharti’s dog had bitten her six times when she was seven months pregnant. The court said that police have produced the relevant medical papers.

Bharti’s wife has been “tolerating cruelty with brutal assault” which is evident from the e-mail sent by her to him, the court held.

Justice Kait said, “The allegations against the petitioner are not baled but supported with documentary proof. The complainant time and again compromised with the petitioner for the sake of their marriage and family. She even cooperated during the election of petitioner. Despite, their marriage is not running smoothly.”

“The petitioner is an elected as member of Legislative Assembly of Delhi. He should have shown more generosity and responsibility towards his wife and children. Earlier, he had financial difficulties, therefore, every time he compromised with his wife. But after being elected as MLA, he failed to win the sentiments and trust of his wife,” added the court.

The court held the Bharti “misused” the protection granted by the court, ands said after getting protection he reached the police station at 2 a.m. and compelled the police officers to record his presence. “The said conduct of the petitioner cannot be appreciated in any manner,” said the court.

The High court on 15 September had granted protection to Bharti against arrest till 17 September, and again extended the protection till Tuesday.