Haryana Jat protests severely affect water supply in Delhi, Minister Kapil Mishra cancels staff’s weekend leave


Haryana’s ongoing protests over reservation has severely affected the water supply to Delhi.

In a statement, the government’s Delhi Jal Board said that the supply of water on 21 February to households in Delhi will be severely restricted due only 60% water availability.

The statement said, “Delhi is reeling under a severe water crisis on account of the ongoing agitation in Haryana. The supply sources of water feeding 7 Water Treatment Plants have completely dried up and as a result all these plants had to be shut down . The areas affected due to the closure of plants are West Delhi, North-West, Central, South and part of North Delhi.”

It said that ‘against the total production of 820 Million Gallons per day (MGD) of potable water, only 240 MGD is being produced’ because of the ongoing protests impacting the water source in Haryana.

The statement said, “DJB’s tanker fleet has been fully redirected to the water deficient areas. The situation at Wazirabad is being constantly monitored. In this emergent situation, the people of Delhi are requested to use water with the utmost care.

“The morning water supply tomorrow i.e. on 21st Feb. 2016, will be available at low pressure as only 60% of water is available for supply.”

Keeping the crisis in mind, the DJB chairman, Kapil Mishra on Saturday announced he had cancelled the weekend leave for all DJP staff to be able to respond to crisis.

The residents have been advised to to contact their nearest water emergency or the Central Control Room helpline number 1916 ion the event of water shortage.