Chandigarh police shockingly drop serious charges against BJP chief’s son, releases him in stalking case


In a shockingly development, the police in Chandigarh has dropped serious criminal charges against the son of the state BJP chief, Subhash Barala, in the stalking case involving an IAS officer’s daughter.

The BJP chief’s son, Vikas Barala, and his friend were arrested on Saturday for stalking and attempting to kidnap an IAS officer’s daughter. The three charges that have been dropped against the two are IPC sections, 341, 365 and 511, reported India Today.

IPC Section 341 deals with wrongful restraint while Section 365 is related to “kidnapping or abducting with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine person.”  Section 511 of the IPC relates to “punishment for attempting to commit offences punishable with imprisonment for life or other imprisonment.”

Legal experts feel that these charges were dropped to facilitate the alleged stalkers’ quick release from the police custody. Senior lawyer Ranjan Lakhanpal told India Today, “Under these sections, the police did not have power to grant bail and release the accused. The charges were serious and the Sections added were non-bailable.”

He said that cops had ‘bypassed the judiciary’ adding that ‘it seems attempts were being made to weaken the case as the accused are from influential families.’

The incident had gained huge media attention after the father of the victim, a senior IAS officer in Haryana government, wrote a heartfelt Facebook post explaining why he had decided to pursue the matter. He wrote that he ‘will be failing in his duty as a father to my daughter if I did not stand with her completely in this matter.’

As reported earlier, the girl was stalked in night by Barala’s son and his friend, who stopped the victim at several places allegedly in an attempt to even kidnap her. In her Facebook post, the girl explained that she was extremely lucky to have escaped as the police patrolling party arrived just when the alleged criminals were attempting to kidnap her.

Sources said that a number of senior BJP leaders were present at the police station, where Barala’s son and other alleged stalker was kept in a bid to exert pressure on the police officers. Some senior BJP leaders were reported to have called senior cops to look into the matter in order to ensure the early release of the BJP chief’s son.