What happened when we asked Facebook, Twitter users for their views on Modi’s two years in office


On 26 May, Narendra Modi completed two years in office as prime minister and the occasion was marked with front page newspaper ads, ‘Mera Desh Badal Raha Hai (My country is transforming) film broadcast as advertisements on almost every TV channels and senior government ministers led by Modi addressing public functions.

Congress and Aam Aadmi Party launched blistering attack by questioning the cost incurred to celebrate Modi’s second anniversary.

Delhi chief minister alleged that Modi government had splashed more than Rs 1,000 on the ad campaign.

The prime minister and his supporters also had to deal with a spoof video taking a dig at the prime minister.

Jantakareporter.com ran a poll to understand the pulse of ordinary public.

On Twitter we asked what social media users thought of Modi’s performance in the last two years.

Our question was, “What do you think of PM Modi’s first two years in office?”

Our options were, “1. Moving in the right direction 2. Only talks, No substance and 3. Manmohan Singh was better.”

The final results of our Twitter poll said that 85% respondents had approved Modi’s performance. The overwhelming majority of the respondents, who took part in our poll were supporters of BJP and the RSS.

In the first hour of the poll being launched, the dominating trend was against Modi as majority opted for option 2 and 3.

But, this rapidly changed in favour of the prime minister as the poll began to be widely shared by pro-RSS and BJP social media users with considerably large number of followers. Within hours the poll had received thousands of votes.

We also posed these questions on Facebook, where the response was drastically opposite with majority of users describing Modi’s rule as utter failure.

It was clear that when, people voted without any manufactured  campaign, they felt that Modi was ‘all talk, no substance.’

Here are some of the comments from Facebook.

“2 Years achievement of Modi Govt..
Khan Rehan: After regerous work of 24 hours a day by 56 Inch chested PM Job growth is lowest since 2009.
1.34 Lakh in 2015
4 Lakh Jobs in 2014
4 Lakh Jobs in 2013
9 Lakh Jobs in 2011
Make in India ,
Startup India ,
Skill India ,
Digital India ,
Heathy India ,
Swatch India
All are bogus plans to prove that Govt is doing something while the effect of these plans are unknown till now.Job growth at lowest stage since 2009.
Bank deposit lowest since 1963,means Jan Dhan Yojana is also a bogus plan..NAREGA budget deducted by 23%, one of the worst Year.Education,drinking water,Medical , defense and several warfare budget deducted…

Sensex loss of 3 Lakh crore.
Harayana violence loss of 34 000 crore.

Gujarat violence loss of 1500 crore to Banks in 3 Days ..

Bank continuously in loss, 1.14 Lakh crore NPA..
IDBI loss of 1761 Crore.
PNB LOSS of 5367 crore.
5 Lakh crore subsidy to Corporates including Ambani, Adani, Ruiya, Essar group…

87000 crore dues to MNAREGA workers..
Export is lowest since 17 Months continuously, it break the record of 2008 , which is 12 months continuous declinememt of export..

Swatch Bharat while Ganga is not clean leave it not even a single concrete step is taken..

Railway fare increase without increasing any facility..
No corrupt Congressi in Jail..
Petrol price increasing inspite of decreasing crude oil price at international level…
Now come foreign Policy
China gives clean chit Masood while Modi show them 56 inch chest still no effect..

Pakistan gives clean chit to himself on Pathankot terrorist attack since “ENTIRE political science” holder himself invite Pakistan’s investigation agency for Investigation the issue..

Nepal is going to away from India now under the shadow of China..
US, France, UK just are formal meetings since there is effect on Jobs creation and Business increment except bogus MOU’S…
Lets see the next event Management program…”


Aron Mike:  For all those sickulars, leftists, congressis, AAPtards, JNUites, Anti-nationals, a tight slap on your faces.

Here is the list of Modiji achievements in just 2 years.

1. Modiji is the man who single handedly sent the British to England during freedom struggle..
2. Modiji gave us more than 50 million jobs, in shakha, Facebook and Twitter trolling and shitting all over the Internet.
3. Modiji brought back the black money.
4. Modiji brought back the kohinoor.
5. Modiji gave us 15 lakhs.
6. Modiji sent all the corrupt people, including all the Ghandhis to prison.
7. Modiji was never involved in 2002 Gujarat riots.
8. Modiji never wasted our public money on foreign trips.
9. Not even single farmer has committed suicide after Modiji came to power.
10. Modiji took very strict action against the terrorist who attacked pathankot.
11. Modiji has “Entire Political Science” as his degree for MA, that nobody in the world ever has achieved.
12. Modiji has delivered Ha..Acche Din.
13. Modiji never said he was ashamed to say he was an Indian.
14. Modiji never compared Kerala (Best developed state) to Somalia.
15. Modiji has nothing to do with #LalitgateScam #GujratLandScam #HemalandScam #MCDcorruption #YedyurappaMiningScam.
16. Modiji party never elected Vijay Mallya as RS member.
17. Modiji saved all Indians from poverty, hunger and thirst, and made India no. 1 country in just 2 years.
18. Whoever doesn’t agree with all the above points, must go back to Pakistan.????

Sandip Ghadge: Shame on such PM who never visited poor dying farmers due to suicides but takes Ambani Adani on most of the world tours to make deals.

Atul Chavan: Amitabh to host Modijis ceremony. If only it wasn’t for Panama it would have been Sanjay or Salman. Next years opening act to be performed by Asaram Bapu.

Drshraddha Phatale Padalkar: He is moving in right direction..he wll do bettr if cong chamcha AAP like hurdle moves away 4m path

Roshan Shah: No lokpal, Lokayukta implementation so no public disclosure is ministers and IAS assets …extension pe extension…
Chowkidaari karta hai ke chori karwata hai?

Ahmed Shariff: In two year pm modi goverment become. Barbaric and tyrannical goverment like east indain company which impose all kind tax on civilian and trying to ensalve us for there barbaric and evil idealogy

Vipul Ghale: Poor. Has poverty, unemployment abolished ? Only measures which are taken, only taken for satisfaction of business and capitalists. Still there are problems and in top of that BJP as usual doing communal and fascist politics.