Gurgaon’s Fortis hospital bills grieving father Rs 18 lakh for 7-year-old daughter’s dengue treatment


In a shocking development, Fortis hospital in Gurgaon has charged the grieving parents Rs 18 lakh for their 7-year-old child’s dengue treatment.

7-year-old Adya, a resident of Delhi’s Dwarka, was admitted in Fortis of Gurgaon in Haryana in early September. One of Adya’s father’s friends took to Twitter to share the horrifying news.

He wrote, “One of my batchmate’s 7 year old was in @fortis_hospital for ~15 days for Dengue. Billed 18 lakhs including for 2700 gloves. She passed away at the end of it. Corrupt assholes.”

The whopping bill of Rs 18 lakh included 2,700 gloves that were billed at Rs. 17,142. Other medical examinations such as blood tests cost Adya’s father Jayant additional Rs. 2.17 lakh. If this was not enough, Fortis allegedly charged for 660 syringes too.

They pumped a 7 year old with an average of ~40 syringes a day. Parents kept insisting on MRI/CT Scan to check if she was even alive since she was on ventilator since day 5.”

The Twitter posts by Jayant’s friends went viral in no time. In another post he claimed that doctors kept refusing and delaying scans ‘citing ventilator despite repeated requests.’

“CT scans are possible with ventilator. When the finally did, the brain damage was extensive,” he wrote. Adya passed away after 15 September.

Sugar strips, usually available at Rs 13/strip in the market were charged by Fortis Rs 200 per strip.

Jayant’s friend alleged that the hospital started the treatment with with Meropenem that cost Rs 500 per strip, before ‘pumping up’ another brand at 7 times the price when they realised the family wasn’t protesting much.

The experience has pushed Adya’s mother into depression. Jayant says that because of Adya’s death, his wife suffered a miscarriage of six-month-old fetus. Adya’s twin sister Anya too keeps asking about her sister as the family struggle to come to terms with.

Meanwhile, Union Health Minister JP Nadda took note of the viral tweets and reacted to one of them by saying, “Please provide me details on .We will take all the necessary action.”

Faced with utter embarrassment, the hospital too tweeted promising a probe into the matter. It tweeted, “Dear Sir, please enable us with the patient details and Fortis facility name for investigating the case. Please be assured that a thorough investigation will be carried out and the outcomes will be shared with you.”

The hospital later issued a statement justifying the high cost since the child was kept at the pediatric ICU. The family said that when the family disagreed with the high cost of treatment, the hospital allegedly refused to release Adya’s body. They also refused to provide ambulance since that would record a Dengue death at Fortis.

Even after the family cleared the bill, they were asked to visit the hospital to pay for the gown that Adya wore while being discharged since her clothes did not fit her.